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free money, money: This helps get the bills paid

mekitty1 started this conversation
I just use it to search and the points rack up everyday... I use it for amazon gift cards too so even if you dont cash out by having money sent to your paypal, you can save money on gifts or have extra spending cash, i kid you not... Trust me just sign up for swagbucks. There is NO COST WHATSOEVER, NO NEED TO COMPLETE 1000 OFFER BEFORE YOU CAN REDEEM OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. JUST SEARCH AND WIN. :) I want you to sign up to help you and i get points for refering you too so please please sign up lol This helps get the bills paid
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I joined thank you
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mekitty1   in reply to JohnB
If u sign up using the referral that would be great
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Thank you for the information... I am going to take the time to sign up for If this can also help you in anyway...shape or form... I will.
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bump :)
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Theres more then gift cards too there are music downloads, games, all kinds of stuff just check it out
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